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Financial institutions face a myriad of factors to ensure that commercial loans are priced appropriately and profitably in today’s competitive market. Pricing Partner® provides you with automated tools and technology to achieve consistent commercial loan profitability.

Gone are the days when financial institutions could allow the competition to dictate pricing and the end-goal was simply to “get the loan.” Pricing models today must also achieve a reasonable return for your organization in addition to providing the borrower with a sensible rate. The Pricing Partner software helps guide your loan officers toward loan agreements that make the most sense for your financial institution.

Tailored for Your Financial Institution
Pricing Partner can be tailored to consider each financial institution’s unique goals and objectives. During initial implementation, our experienced team will work with you to establish your own set of variables, such as:

  • Processing Costs
  • Cost of Funds
  • Target Yield
  • "What-If” Scenarios
  • Return on Assets
  • Return on Equity

Easy to Use
Pricing Partner’s browser-based design makes it easy to use. Loan officers can sit down with a borrower and view the overall picture of what both parties need. This method allows the officer to:

  • Look at different combinations of variables that affect yield
  • See beyond loan request to profitability of borrower’s existing relationship
  • Offer borrowers multiple options to discern their ultimate goal (e.g., lower rate, lower compensating balance, etc.)
  • Negotiate a workable agreement

Comprehensive Reporting
Pricing Partner includes a reporting package that gives your executive management team the ability to evaluate each loan officer and the entire loan portfolio. This information can be utilized to:

  • Identify opportunities to enhance interest rates, fee income and compensating deposit balances
  • Analyze the impact of rates, fees and compensating balances for each loan relationship
  • Coach your lenders to achieve the best possible outcomes
  • Calculate loan officer performance pay based on results
  • Provide follow up communications and tracking to ensure that all promised relationships are achieved


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